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With one Module we do the work of 20000 trees

We Specialize In Production of passive

Direct Air Capture and Storage Device for Carbon Dioxide  equipped with propriety Solid Amine based Filters for the capture of CO2  directly from air.

“Each Module does the work of 1000 trees !”

Carbon Capture and Storage

The captured CO2 will be dissolved in water (just like Soda water) and injected into basaltic rock underground to create rock.





Our Hydrogen Powered Toy Car

Become our customer and we will send you one. Fully self-sustained, powered by the sun , runs on green Hydrogen produced from water.

Turn on your hydrocar fuel cell car and watch it go as the hydrogen and oxygen are recombined in the efficient fuel cell to produce a DC current that powers the car’s motor. This process can be repeated again and again!

The Hydrocar is designed to independently operate in circles and maneuver around obstacles. The flashing blue LED light in its cockpit indicates that the fuel cell is producing energy. Its next-generation reversible polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell is designed to operate with lower-pressure hydrogen, which allows for a simpler onboard refueling design. Scientists are working to apply similar technology and power sources on a larger scale with full-size cars.


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